Fred Marple on Labor Day
Fred Marple comes to Newburyport, MA in September

Yoga for Yankees!

YogaCover2Are you tired of yoga videos designed for people who live where palm trees grow and who never have to worry about ice dams on the roof? Then you need Fred Marple's

Yoga for Yankees

& Other Nonsense

It's a complete* yoga workout, featuring classic New England poses: Tossing Wood, Shoveling Show, Black Fly, Too Long Winter, and many more. You'll also get special features like the original Yoga for Yankees commercial (viewed over 5 million times online), an all-new yoga gear commercial, behind the scenes bloopers and outtakes, and Fred Marple video clips from his live show. Get your copy today, just  $12.99 plus S&H.

                            Click here to order yours!


  Here's a video preview of Yoga for Yankees:


*Guaranteed to be a complete waste of time.


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